Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a clear oil from Australia with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is safe to use full strength on skin, but those with sensitivities may need to dilute it. Tea tree oil has a medicinal scent much like camphor.

Household Cleaning

Make a spray cleaner for countertops with 2 cups of water combined with 2 tbsp. tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Protect dishes and clothing from bacteria and germs by adding two or three drops to the dishwasher or dishwater and inside the washing machine. Tea tree oil is effective against any regular mold accumulation in a house. Wash walls and floors with tea tree oil mixed with water.


Tea tree oil benefits hair by removing follicle blockage and any bacteria on the scalp. It also moisturizes the hair shaft and stops dandruff problems. Add 10 drops to one 8-oz. bottle of shampoo.


A few drops of tea tree oil will prevent infection and promote healing to minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Tea tree oil will stop itching from skin irritations, ease minor sunburn pain and relieve insect bites or stings. Applying it to acne will stop any current inflammation and prevent it in the future.


Do not use tea tree oil internally. It is fine to use as a mouthwash, but do not swallow. Tea tree oil is very potent, so use just a few drops as needed. Avoid using it on a baby, dilute it for children and do not get it in the eyes.

Deborah Harding

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