A bed bug is an insect that feeds on the blood of mammals. They hide in fabrics and crevices around the home. After being bit, you may have a red, inflamed rash; but they are otherwise harmless to humans. Depending on conditions, a female can lay 200 to 400 eggs at a time. This can quickly cause an infestation. Cleaning your home thoroughly, washing all linens and fabrics, and setting up a bed bug trap, can help you get rid of bed bugs quickly.

Bed bugs hide close to where they feed.

Step 1

Check your beds and couches. A bed bug will often leave brown fecal droppings on fabrics and carpets, or reddish brown blood stains after feeding. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of your couch or boxspring -- and wait 24 hours. The next day you will find bed bugs or tracks. After you find the infested area, you know where to put the trap.

Step 2

Cut the old shirt in wide strips to go around the pet dish. Spread glue on the sides of the pet dish and cover the dish with cloth. Leave the opened areas of the pet dish bare. Wait a few minutes to make sure the glue is dry and that the cloth is secure.

Step 3

Flip the dish upside-down, so the openings are facing the table. Place talcum powder onto the cotton ball and gently dust the bottom parts of the dish. Avoid leaving large clumps of powder or thick areas. This prevents the bed bugs from crawling up or out of the trap.

Step 4

Fill your thermos with dry ice cubes. Open the spout slightly to release gas from the melting ice. Set your trap before going to bed. Bed bugs are nocturnal and become active at night. Set the pet dish facing downward near the bed or furniture you think is infested. Put the thermos in the middle of the dish, not touching the sides.

Step 5

Open the spout on the thermos completely and go to bed. While you are sleeping, the bed bugs will be attracted to the gas coming out of the thermos. Check the trap in the morning and dispose of any bugs in your trash. Take the trash outside of your home immediately.