How to Make Vinyl Stickers Stick to Glass Again

Vinyl stickers and decals create quick and simple decor for windows and other glass surfaces. Children and adults alike can enjoy using vinyl decals to decorate for holidays and other special occasions. Because vinyl decals can be applied and removed easily, you can reuse them year after year. A combination of sun and dirt can contribute toward vinyl stickers losing their stickiness. But you can make vinyl stickers stick to the glass again with simple supplies and techniques around the house.

Children enjoy decorating windows with reusable vinyl stickers.
Use glass cleaner to wash windows once each month.

Clean the glass surface to ensure dust, dirt and stains aren't preventing the vinyl stickers from sticking. Spritz glass cleaner over the glass so it's completely damp, but not dripping.

Step 2

Wipe the glass dry with a lint-free cloth, moving in an up-and-down motion. Change to a clean, dry cloth to dry the window completely.

Step 3

Remove dust and dirt from the stickers by wiping both sides with the damp cloth used to clean the windows.

Cooking oil retains the necessary moisture needed for vinyl stickers to stick.

Pour a nickel-sized amount of cooking oil onto a clean cloth. Wipe the oil over the side of the stickers that will be applied to the windows. The oil prevents the contact between the stickers and window from becoming dry, causing the stickers to fall off.

Step 5

Place the stickers on the glass. Smooth the sticker so it lays flat against the glass.