How to Naturally Get Rid of Spider Webs

Spider webs may be functional, because they help capture insects in your home, but they are also unsightly. Attics, basements, air-vents, cracks and crevices of your house are common locations where you may find spider webs. To eliminate spiders and their webs, there is no need to purchase harsh chemicals and insecticides; there are natural ways you can get rid of them.

Vacuuming helps eliminate spider webs.

Step 1

Dust, sweep and vacuum your home thoroughly and regularly. Cleaning your home helps eliminate egg sacs, spiders and their webs. Take out the vacuum-cleaner bag afterward and discard it outdoors, in a garbage container.

Step 2

Hose down the area around your home and around the surface of your home. Use a high-pressure jet to wash away spider webs hidden in corners, cracks and crevices outside your home.

Step 3

Clean the inside and outside of your home on a consistent basis. If you consistently destroy a spider's web, eventually they will move to another location.

Step 4

Reduce clutter in your home, because cluttered areas are prone to have spiders and spider webs. Store items in sealed plastic bags.

Step 5

Catch and release the spiders. Place a cup over any spider you find inside your home. Slide a piece of paper underneath the cup and carry the intruder outdoors. Release him far away from your home.

Step 6

Swat and kill spiders in your home. Use a newspaper or wet towel and quickly swat and kill the spider. By removing spiders you lessen your chances of having spider webs.

Step 7

Roll up pieces of duct tape with the sticky side up. Lay them around your home. The tape becomes a natural spider trap. Spiders that walk over the tape will get stuck and eventually die.

Step 8

Point any outdoor lights away from your home because spiders like to make their web in areas that have consistent light. Turn off any lights that are not needed.

Step 9

Caulk cracks and crevices in your walls that may act as an entrance for spiders.