Foods That Help Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons in large concentrations can be considered pests, especially in urban areas. Their droppings, feathers and presence in large numbers can be a problem for pedestrians, homeowners and drivers. Getting rid of pigeons can be a challenge. Some frustrated people shoot them, while others use traps, alarms and other deterrents to quell the presence of the birds. There are even specific foods available to feed pigeons to deter them from returning to areas where they are considered a problem.

Pigeons are common in urban areas where food is plentiful.

Black-oil Sunflower Seeds

A popular way to deter pigeons from congregating in unwanted to places is by feeding them black-oil sunflower seeds mixed with a small amount of cracked corn. Because pigeons prefer to feed on the ground, feeders should be placed high off the ground. The idea is to allow area pigeons to feed on sunflower seeds, which they generally don't prefer. They will, after a few trips, head for other areas to feed on corn.

Birth Control Pellets

A relatively recent approach to humane pigeon control is the use of food pellets containing a birth control agent. Pellets are distributed in pigeon-concentrated areas during the birds' reproductive season. Feeders are usually placed on rooftops away from areas where birds interfere with people.

Toxicant-laced Feed

Arguably inhumane, the use of corn feed laced with toxicants makes an effective food for pigeon control. There are several toxicants on the market that can be added to cracked corn pigeon feed. The laced feed is placed in feeders so pigeons can eat it at will. One such toxicant, Avitrol, disrupts the birds' flight patterns, behavior and renders them disoriented so they fail to return.