How to Kill Bed Bugs on Sheets or Towels

Finding bedbugs, traces of their excrement or their eggs on sheets or towels is a definite sign of a bedbug infestation. Killing bedbugs is difficult but possible in a high-heat environment such as a clothes dryer. If bedbugs are in other areas of the affected home, then professional extermination is the best approach for their removal. Bedbugs are small, brown and flat, and they are sometimes mistaken as ticks. The bugs are most active during nighttime, feeding on the blood of sleeping humans. They stay hidden during daytime.

Bedbug infestations are increasing in the United States.

Clothes Dryer Method

Step 1

Check all sheets and towels thoroughly for bedbugs, their excrement and their eggs by using a flashlight and magnifying glass.

Step 2

Place sheets and towels with bedbugs and/or evidence of bedbugs in a clothes dryer. Set the dryer to medium-high heat and its timer to 20 minutes. Start the dryer.

Step 3

Take the sheets and towels out of the dryer after the appliance stops running. Inspect the sheets and towels for further bedbug infestation and/or evidence. If any bugs or eggs are still present, heat them in the dryer for another 20 minutes at the medium-high heat setting.

Outdoor Method

Step 4

Place bedbug-affected towels and/or sheets in plastic bags, and close the bags with plastic bag ties. Putting only a few items in each bag works better to kill bedbugs than filling a plastic bag with items.

Step 5

Put the closed plastic bags in an outdoor car or truck on a hot, sunny day. Close the vehicle's windows and doors, and leave the bags in the vehicle for at least one full day.

Step 6

Remove the plastic bags from the vehicle, and remove the items from the bags. Inspect the items for remaining bedbug infestation evidence before taking them indoors.