How to Kill Roaches in a TV

Many cockroach species love the warm and snug environment of electronics, including television sets. If you have a roach infestation, you can eliminate the roaches from most of the home with chemical foggers, but the television set may still harbor these unwanted squatters; thus, removing roaches from a TV requires a different method of eradication. On the other hand, if you don't have a roach infestation but have purchased a used TV that is overrun with these pathogen-spreading pests, you must act quickly to kill the roaches to prevent a full-on infestation of your home.

Roaches cannot survive in very low temperatures.

Step 1

Put the TV in a plastic bag large enough to contain it.

Step 2

Seal the bag off with a knot or using a twist-tie.

Step 3

Place the bag in the freezer.

Step 4

Wait 24 hours and remove the bag from the freezer.

Step 5

Remove the television and discard the bag.

Step 6

If roaches are still present, repeat these steps or consider consulting an exterminator.