How to Remove Bounce Bars From the Dryer

Bounce offers a variety of laundry products, including the Bounce Dryer Bar. The bar is placed inside of a holder that adheres to your dryer's interior wall. The bar works in place of dryer sheets and can be used for about two months before it needs to be replaced.

Replace the Bounce Dryer Bar every two months or so.

Step 1

Examine the dryer bar periodically. A new bar will have a "Bounce" logo, and as it fades out the word "Replace" will appear.

Step 2

Press the clasps on the long sides of the bar and pull it out.

Step 3

Snap a fresh dryer bar into the unit and repeat every few months, as needed.

Step 4

Remove the entire unit if you no longer wish to use the Bounce Dryer Bar. Turn your dryer to a high heat setting for about five minutes to soften the adhesive, then scrape a plastic spatula under the bar holder to release it from your dryer. Scrape off any excess adhesive and discard the bar holder. Once removed, the bar holder will no longer adhere to the dryer.