How to Clean Your House Before Giving Birth

The weeks after giving birth involve a major adjustment and lack of sleep for everyone. You don't want a messy, unorganized home to contend with during the transition period. A deep cleaning before your baby is born creates a clean, healthy environment for the newest member of the family. You are also better prepared to deal with your new responsibilities with everything neat and organized. The deep cleaning may help you channel your nervous energy and keep you occupied as you anticipate the birth of your child.

Get the entire family involved in cleaning.

Step 1

Write a list of the cleaning tasks you want to accomplish before your baby arrives. Include tasks like general picking up, deep cleaning all surfaces, organizing and making minor home repairs.

Step 2

Set a timeline for the tasks on your list. Choose a completion date at least a few weeks before your due date in case your baby comes early. Give other family members specific tasks from your cleaning list to ease the burden and help you finish before the deadline.

Step 3

Mix your own non-toxic cleaner so you aren't exposed to strong chemicals while pregnant. Stir together 1 gallon of water, 1 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda for an all-purpose cleaner. Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle for a convenient cleaner that works on most surfaces.

Step 4

Clean up one room at a time to make the job seem more manageable. Sort through the items in the room, removing anything you no longer need or want.

Step 5

Wipe down all surfaces in each room, including the baseboards, light fixtures, window ledges and vent covers. Work from the ceiling down so any dust you wipe away doesn't get on clean surfaces. Clean the blinds and curtains in the room if they are washable.

Step 6

Wash the linens in all of the rooms. Clean the bedding for the baby crib and put it in place.

Step 7

Vacuum all of the floors to clean up any dust or dirt generated by the cleaning. If your home has carpets, rent a steam cleaner to remove the deep dirt. This provides a clean surface for your baby when you lie her on the floor.

Step 8

Organize all of the baby items within your home. Give each item its own spot, such as a special shelf in the kitchen for bottles or a spot in the medicine cabinet for diaper rash ointment.

Step 9

Write out a cleaning schedule to follow once your baby is born. Spread out the cleaning tasks throughout the week so you don't feel overwhelmed with lots of cleaning and newborn baby duties.