Can I Use Pine Sol to Clean Vinyl Flooring?

Pine-Sol is a liquid cleaning product that is diluted with water to wash, disinfect and deodorize many types of surfaces. You can mop your durable vinyl flooring with diluted Pine Sol.



Mix 1/4 cup of Pine Sol with 1 gallon of water in a pail. Clean a heavily soiled area by pouring half a cap full of full-strength Pine-Sol on to a damp sponge and wipe the area. Immediately rinse the section of vinyl flooring with clean water and a mop to remove the Pine-Sol solution.


Original scent Pine Sol has a strong pine scent. Pine Sol manufacturers produce several scents including Orange Energy, Lemon Fresh, Mountain Energy, Wild Flower Blast and Lavender Clean. The original product was developed using pine tree oil in 1929 according to the Pine Sol company.


Pine-Sol is recommended for non-porous surfaces. Use fresh, clean water to mop vinyl flooring that has been swept or vacuumed. Use Pine-Sol if the clear water does not sufficiently remove the debris from the flooring. Always consult manufacturer's care instructions before using any cleaning product on new vinyl flooring.