How to Dry Clean in a Steam Dryer

A steam dryer uses a combination of heat and mist to produce steam. While a steam dryer is not able to remove stains or spots from clothing, it is able to freshen up the clothing and get rid of wrinkles and odors. A steam dryer will not eliminate the need to take the clothing to a dry cleaner, but by keeping the clothing fresh, wrinkle-free and free of odors, it can prolong the number of times an item can be worn before it must be taken to a dry cleaner.

A steam dryer uses steam to remove wrinkles and odors.

Step 1

Spray the garment with a fabric odor eliminator, if desired. The fabric odor eliminator will help remove strong odors.

Step 2

Place like-colored, dry clean only garments in the steam dryer.

Step 3

Begin the steam cycle on the steam dryer.

Step 4

Remove the clothing immediately after the cycle ends. Hang up the clothing so it doesn't wrinkle.