What Is a Paper Towel Made Of?

Paper towels are commonly used in place of cloth for cleaning and drying hands. There are a variety of paper towels on the market, and each has slight differences in ingredients.

What Is a Paper Towel Made Of?


Rolls of paper towels are the most common type found in homes. These paper towels are made of a double layer of absorbent paper that is created with paper pulp.


Recycled paper towels are made partially from recycled paper products. These towels do not contain bleach, which is considered harmful to the environment.


White paper towels are also made from paper pulp that is turned into absorbent paper. However, these paper towels are also made with bleach.


Paper towels that have patterns have the added addition of ink to create the image.


Institutional paper towels are made to be inserted into metal cases. These towels are also created from paper pulp, but unlike the home use towels, these have only a single layer.