Types of Cleaning Materials

Removing stains, soils, and bacteria is an important factor of maintaining a healthy and safe home. Cleaning, although rarely an enjoyable task, is an essential part of this process. Different appliances, stains and materials usually require specific types of cleaning products to get the best possible order or cleanliness. Understanding the differences and uses of these products lends a helping hand to the sometimes intense process of cleaning the house.

Cleanliness in the home is achieved through the use of many effective products.

Kitchen Cleaning Materials

Dishes, such as china and pots and pans with stuck-on food, are easily cleaned with an effective dishwashing detergent. General purpose cleaners typically come in spray bottles and are good for removing bacteria and grime from countertops, cabinetry and appliances. For especially tough stains or sticking food, use powder cleaners safe for use on dishware.

Bathroom Cleaning Materials

Many bathroom products on the market are designed to get your bathroom squeaky clean and germ free. After-shower sprays are used to take care of potential soap scum and mildew. Calcium and lime remover unclog shower heads. Drain cleaning agents are used to improve slow running drains. Bleach is a very effective chemical for removing mold and mildew. Bleach powder cleaners are excellent for removing tough bathroom grime stains. Dampen the area before dusting with the powder. After a few moments of setting in, wipe away the powder and grime effortlessly with a cleaning cloth.

Dishware Cleaning Materials

Use only dishwashing detergent when running the dishwasher in your home. Using other products can lead to masses of bubbles overflowing from the washer all over the kitchen floor. Dishwasher detergents are best used because they do not create foam that reduces the pressure of the water in automatic dishwashers. These types of detergents are safe for removing food and grease from any material without damaging the dish itself. In addition to the detergent, add a rinse agent to most dishwashers to make the process more effective.

Wood Cleaning Materials

Dusting and maintaining the health and appearance of wood throughout the house is an important part of keeping a clean home. Duster sprays are effective at giving wooden surfaces a smooth, dust-free appearance. Speciality soaps are excellent options for crown molding and baseboards as well as staircases. Only use a small amount of dusting agents on the steps because it can make them slippery and cause accidents if used in excess.

Laundry Cleaning Materials

Fabric softeners are good for making your clothes feel soft and silky by lubricating the fibers of the cloth, but they also help to reduce static electricity during drying. While bleach is commonly used in bathroom cleaning, it is also very helpful in doing laundry because it's a powerful stain remover and helps in removing body soil from clothing. Sometimes clothing stains are extremely soiled into the clothing, which is when it's best to use a solvent or a pretreatment such as a solvent, surfactant or bleach.