How to Kill Bed Bugs Instantly

When your mother warned you not to let the bed bugs bite, she wasn't joking. Bed bugs can bite. In fact, their bites may be the first indicator that you have an infestation.Bed bugs tend to be secretive and are quite adept at hiding in hard-to-see places. You might find bed bugs in your mattress, box springs, pillow, wall, carpet, sofa or recliner. Fortunately, despite the prominence of bed bugs, there are several ways you can rid your home of these pests. While there are chemical options for destroying bed bugs, you can also destroy bed bugs with high levels of heat, regardless of where those bugs may hide.

Your bedroom could be harboring bed bugs.

Step 1

Wash all of your sheets, pillowcases and blankets in hot water if possible. Avoid drying your laundry outside, where mold and pollen can gather on the bedding. Instead, dry your bedding in your dryer on the hottest setting since high heat is one of the most effective, safest ways to kill bed bugs.

Step 2

Run a hair dryer on high heat along hard-to-reach places. The heat levels of a hair dryer will destroy rampant bed bugs who hide in places you can't easily wash, such as mattress seams or the edges of sofa cushions. Run the hair dryer along the area for a few minutes to destroy the bed bugs.

Step 3

Place items that cannot safely be washed inside a plastic bag. Seal the bag and place it outside in the sun for several hours. Items such as dry-clean-only comforters or handmade quilts, which cannot withstand a heavy wash in a washing machine, can still harbor bed bugs. The heat from the sun will kill them.

Step 4

Use a steam cleaner to thoroughly clean your mattress or other bed-bug infested area, such as a sofa or carpet. A steam cleaner is more efficient than a regular vacuum at killing bed bugs because of the heat levels and higher suction strength.

Step 5

Purchase a bed bug spray at your local home and garden supply store. Spray bed bug infested areas with the spray to kill the bugs. Some bed bug sprays may be safely applied to mattresses, as well as carpets and cracks in walls.