How to clean a glass shower and keep it that way!

It happens suddenly when you realize you can no longer really see into and out of your shower doors or glass shower walls. Soap scum and hard water build up create a film that does not easily wipe away and harsh chemicals are hard on your hands, and hard on your wallet if you have to keep cleaning again and again. Glass shower doors - they can make a bathroom look great but for most people they present a cleaning challenge and keeping them clean? forget it! Until now! Follow these easy how-to steps to get your shower door clean and keep it that way.

Glass shower doors can be great - until you have to clean them!
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will make your soap scum and shower film dissappear!

The streaky, dull film that clouds your shower door and glass shower walls is usually a build-up of soap residue (also called soap scum) and mineral build up from your water. A relatively painless way to bust this film right off is to take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, get it wet (according to directions on the package) and get to the shower. Uniformly scrub the shower glass using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Stop frequently (to rest your arms) and to redampen the eraser. You will notice the eraser getting smaller with each redampen and scrub but don't worry - you won't need them again for a while. Methodically scrub all glass areas until you have cleaned them all.


Once you have scrubbed your glass, rinse well with water. Make sure to rinse off all areas you have cleaned. Often with a shower nozzle (unless it is removeable) you will not be able to rinse every surface in the shower. If this is the case with yours, a glass of water splashed on the surface will work just as well.

Step 3

As your shower door dries, you will notice it is cleaner and brighter than you may have seen it in a while. The way that soap film builds up is slow and subtle but it's great when it's gone. Now to keep it that way! Take your bottle of RainX and follow the directions on the package to apply it to both the internal and external surfaces of your shower doors (and glass walls). The water-sheeting action that this great product promises and delivers on your windshield will do the same for your shower helping soap scum and hard water sheet off your doors keeping them clean for weeks to come.