Ladybugs are inherently good insects to have around. However, homeowners can find the numbers overwhelming and a general nuisance. Getting rid of ladybugs also represents a challenge, though a few options do exist.

Focus on keeping the ladybug outside.


The use of an insecticide can help prevent ladybugs from entering your home looking for a warm place to winter. Insecticide treatment needs to occur before the first cold snap of the fall season. Spray the insecticide along the exterior of the home, including along siding, vents, doors and windows. Consult a professional exterminator for stronger insecticides found to be the most effective against ladybugs, such as microencapsulated formulas.

Other Options

Look around windows, doors and siding for any entry points and seal cracks and crevices appropriately with caulk. Use a vacuum to pick up visible ladybugs. Vacuuming represents the preferred method for ridding your home of ladybugs once they invade.


Smashing ladybugs can stain walls, curtains and carpet. Empty your vacuum after picking up ladybugs to prevent development of a foul odor due to ladybug secretions.