How to Clean White Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Over time that white plastic outdoor furniture you have sitting out on your deck or patio may begin looking dirty, dingy and even moldy. Although the white resin furniture will resist some staining, it will not stay clean indefinitely unless you wash it. Gather the materials you need to clean the furniture and get busy restoring your white outdoor furniture to its former clean condition. With regular maintenance, you can keep your furniture looking white and clean.

Clean white plastic outdoor furniture to keep it attractive.

Step 1

Fill the bucket with warm water and place approximately 1/2 cup of baking soda into the small bowl.

Step 2

Line the chairs up in an outdoor location, such as a driveway, where you can work on them. Spray the chairs thoroughly with the garden hose to dampen all surfaces.

Step 3

Dip the mesh sponge into the bucket of water and then into the baking soda in the small bowl. Apply the baking soda to the lawn furniture and rub it in well with the sponge. Continue applying more baking soda to the chairs with the sponge, rubbing over every surface to remove dirt and mildew.

Step 4

Spray the chairs again with the garden hose to rinse away the baking soda. Allow the chairs to dry in the sunlight.