Despite being a place in which you clean yourself, your bathtub can get quite dirty after repeated use. Cleaning your tub is necessary to rid the area of dirt and potentially harmful bacteria. You may find that using a commercial cleaning product such as CLR can make your efforts to eliminate grime more efficient and effective. Always follow manufacturer's directions.

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A commercial cleaning product can help you promote a sanitary bathing environment.

Step 1

Remove all wash towels, cloths, hygienic products and other products in and around your bathtub. Be sure to remove any children's toys, as spraying toys with CLR or other chemical products could harm your children if they play with the toys later.

Step 2

Consider using an alternative product if your bathtub contains colored grout or marble. According to the manufacturer's website, CLR may alter the color of the grout and can react chemically to marble.

Step 3

Put on plastic gloves and, if desired, safety glasses. Spray the CLR evenly across the surface of your bathtub. You do not need to cover the entire surface, as you will spread out the CLR when you use your sponge.

Step 4

Scrub your tub with a sponge, working each sprayed area for no more than two minutes. You may have to apply extra-forceful scrubbing if there are particularly dirty areas that seem resistant to cleaning.

Step 5

Eliminate rust stains by mixing CLR and warm water and applying the mixture directly to the stained area. Scrub for no more than two minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Step 6

Rinse the tub with cold water. You can expedite the process by soaking your sponge in cold water and using the sponge to spread the cold water across the surface of the tub. Be sure that any chemical residue is completely washed away before using the tub again.