How to Remove Pine Sol Odor

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Things You'll Need

  • Bowls or cardboard boxes

  • Baking soda

  • Activated charcoal powder

  • Unscented cat litter


Purchase activated charcoal powder at pet supply, hardware stores and pharmacies.

Pine-Sol cleans floors, sinks, counter tops and other hard, non-porous surfaces.

Pine-Sol is an effective disinfectant when used full strength, and is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency as a disinfectant, according to the website. When using the product to kill bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces, the lingering scent may be offensive to family members, particularly if they are sensitive to certain odors. It is not difficult to use basic household products to absorb and neutralize the scent. You also may ventilate the area to help rid your home of the pine-scented fragrance.


Step 1

Place bowls of baking soda around the rooms where the Pine-Sol odor is present. Baking soda is effective in neutralizing odors in the air.

Step 2

Pour activated charcoal powder into the bottom of a cardboard box. Make the layer about 1 inch thick, depending on the size of the room. The powder is effective in absorbing strong odors and leaves the room with a neutral smell. Use multiple boxes if the scent is in every room of your home.

Step 3

Dump about an inch of unscented cat litter into the bottom of a cardboard box. Place it in the room with the Pine-Sol odor. The cat litter neutralizes the strong scent. Use additional boxes if the scent is everywhere in your home.


Step 4

Open your doors and windows to ventilate the rooms if the weather is pleasant. Fresh air helps to clear away odors. Turn on any ceiling or exhaust fans to help rid the rooms of the odor. Raise the thermostat on your heater or lower it to turn on the air conditioner. This causes the air to flow through the filters and helps get rid of the odor during the winter or summer months when it is too hot or cold to open windows and doors.



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