Some area rugs are relatively large. This makes the process of cleaning the rug in a washing machine prohibitive. It can also make the cost of transporting a rug and dry cleaning it cost prohibitive. Power washers, commonly used for cleaning cars or home siding, can make a useful tool for cleaning large area rugs. A power washer uses pressurized water to clean surfaces. The pressurized water will easily work dirt out of the rug's fibers.

You can use a power washer to clean a large area rug.

Step 1

Power wash the surface on which you will place your rug to ensure the surface is clean. A suitable surface for cleaning a rug is a wooden deck, asphalt driveway or concrete sidewalk. Do not attempt to power wash your rug inside the home as the water from the power washer will get everywhere.

Step 2

Place the rug onto the surface and lay it out as you would if it were in your home.

Step 3

Place the power washer onto its lowest setting. Even at its lowest setting, it will have enough power to remove dirt from the rug.

Step 4

Press the trigger on the wand and hold the tip of the wand 10-to-12-inches away from the surface of the rug. Move the washer from left to right going across its shortest dimension. This will push the dirt out of the rug.

Step 5

Overlap each additional row by 50 percent as you work your way down the rug.

Step 6

Repeat the process until the water expelling from the rug remains clean.

Step 7

Place a small amount of carpet cleaner onto the nylon bristles of a brush. Scrub the surface of the rug with the nylon bristle brush.

Step 8

Repeat the power wash cycle until the water coming off the rug no longer has soap in it.

Step 9

Place the rug on a clothesline until it dries.