How to Refinish Burner Grates

Burner grates literally support all of our stove-top cooking efforts, and they can suffer from even the most successful endeavors. Grates suffer through spills, overflows, burns and other cooking troubles; it goes without saying that they need care and protection. A thorough cleaning, followed by a new coat of protective paint, will refinish your burner grates and keep your stove looking its best.

Burner grates take a lot of wear and tear during cooking.

Step 1

Remove the burner grates from your stove. Place each burner in its own sealable bag or container.

Step 2

Add 1 cup of ammonia to each bag or container. Add enough water to cover the burner as it sits flat against your table or counter. Seal the containers.

Step 3

Allow the grates to soak in the ammonia/water mixture overnight; this cleaning mixture will dissolve rust, grime, food buildup and other contaminants.

Step 4

Remove the grates and rinse them in clean warm water to wash away ammonia and loosened contaminants. Scrub with a non-metallic scouring pad to remove any remaining contaminants.

Step 5

Thoroughly dry the grates to prevent rust buildup.

Step 6

Coat each burner grate using the paintbrush and the temperature-resistant paint. Follow product instructions regarding application, as some products might require multiple coats or have varying drying times.

Step 7

Allow the paint to dry completely before returning the grates to the stove-top.