How to Remove Makeup From Black Leather Seats

Leather seats are common in many vehicles, and a black color option typically hides dirt and buildup without requiring much maintenance. When makeup smears onto the leather seats, you want to use something strong enough to remove all of the makeup residue yet mild enough for use on the leather seats. Also, remember that leather can dry out when improperly cleaned, so you must also incorporate a conditioning element to prevent cracking and dryness.

Clean makeup off black leather seats with mild cleaners.

Step 1

Wipe a pre-moistened makeup remover wipe over the makeup residue. Typically designed to remove all makeup from the face, these wipes work well when the makeup gets onto other surfaces such as your black leather seats. Continue wiping until you remove all the makeup.

Step 2

Spray a leather cleaner and conditioner onto the seat. This provides you with both a cleaning element as well as a moisturizer that nourishes the black leather.

Step 3

Wipe the spray off with a damp cleaning rag and dry the seats with a clean, dry rag.