How to Find The Best Pest Repeller Device

A pest repeller is an electronic pest control device used to drive out vermin and other pests from a home. Pest repellers work really well for vermin such as rats and mice, as well as ants, roaches and more. Pest repellers are a safe alternative to dangerous traps and poisons that can harm children and even kill household pets.

Use A Pest Repeller For Vermin

When you decide to go shopping for a pest repeller, you should have an understanding of the different types of pest repellers and electronic pest control devices. The type of pest repeller you purchase will be dependant on the type of vermin in your home as well as other factors.

Here's how to go about finding the best pest repeller...........

Identify the vermin.

Determine the particular type of vermin that's invading your home. Each pest repeller is designed to target certain types of vermin. This will ensure that you get the best results and have success driving out the vermin.

For example, the ultrasonic pest repeller works well in getting rid of vermin such as mice or roaches and even ants, but this pest repeller might not work well if you have rats in your home.


Learn about the different types of pest repellers so you can make the best choice.

Ultrasonic pest repeller - The ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic pest control device that works by emitting high frequency sound waves which scare off certain types of vermin. These sounds cannot be heard by humans, but they're heard by insects and other small vermin. The ultrasonic pest repeller is a plug-in system.

The ultrasonic pest repeller works really well for insects that have antenna such as roaches, mosquitoes and other similar insects.

The ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic pest control device that's safe to use around pets like dogs, cats, birds and fish. One drawback to an ultrasonic pest repeller is that since the sound waves travel by air, they may not always be able to get past object in the room such as furniture.

Subsonic pest repeller - The subsonic system is an electronic pest control device that produces sound frequencies that are too low to be heard by humans but they're effective against insects such as ants. Sometimes frequencies from ultrasonic systems can be too high for insects to hear whereas the subsonic devices create lower pitched sounds that are more easily heard. The subsonic system is also a plug-in electronic pest control device.

Electromagnetic pest repeller - This device uses the existing wiring in your home to repel insects and vermin. This technology changes normal frequency signals traveling through your wires into a pulsating vibration that only small vermin can detect. The signals repeat constantly so the insect or rodent is unable to build a tolerance to it and has no choice but to leave.

Since most homes and offices have wiring running throughout the walls, this device transforms your entire home into a giant pest repeller and drives the vermin out. Unlike some ultrasonic pest repeller products, electromagnetic devices can go through objects.

Step 3

Determine the size of the area in your home that you want to target. If you have a large area then you might want to consider buying more than one unit. Each electronic pest control device should have an indication of this.

Step 4

Read up on consumer reviews for each pest repeller. It's always best to see what other people are saying about products.


Check the safey features for each electronic pest control device before you make a purchase. Each pest repeller will have it's own safety features. Some pest repeller devices may not be safe to use around household pets such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets. Certain electronic pest control products may also not be suitable for house plants, fish or birds.