How to Get Rid of Worms From the Base of a Leaking Toilet

Seeing worms around the base of your leaky toilet is often a troublesome sight; but they probably aren't worms you spot. The larvae of the moth fly, also called drain fly, looks like small black worms, but are in fact just baby flies waiting to grow. Moth flies are attracted to toilets, drains, septic tanks and just about anywhere that contains moist decaying matter. When they mature, the "worms" turn into small black flies that typically hang around the same area, as they are poor fliers. Fortunately, getting rid of the worms is a fairly easy fix.

Your toilet could be a breeding ground for moth flies.

Step 1

Clean the area around the base of the toilet with a scrub brush and a general cleaner labeled for household use. Moth fly larvae feed off of the gelatinous matter that often collects around a leaky toilet or other areas in which still water sits. Washing the toilet tank with the cleanser is also helpful in preventing moth flies from breeding in that area of the toilet, as well.

Step 2

Apply a product to the toilet base that contains enzymes and bacteria designed to eliminate moth flies and their larvae. These products are typically applied around the base of the toilet; however, read the product's instructions for best results.

Step 3

Clean around the base of the toilet on a regular basis to prevent the gelatinous substance from accumulating again. Weekly cleanings with a scrub brush or paper towel and household cleaner are often enough to keep the area scum-free and the moth flies away.