How to Wash Windows in the Winter

Many people already know the best time to wash windows is in the fall and spring, but sometimes they get dirty and they need to be cleaned in the winter after the temperature has plummeted. While an overcast day is the best day to clean, washing windows in the winter may seem impossible if the temperatures are below freezing. You can still get your windows clean with little effort without worrying about your cleaning spray freezing.

Wash Windows in the Winter

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with two parts windshield cleaner to one part water and mix well. Choose a windshield cleaner that is rated for below freezing temperatures.

Step 2

Spray the window with the cleaning solution so that it is evenly covered but not dripping. Work on one window at a time.

Step 3

Starting at the top, bring the squeegee down the entire pane of glass. Work from left to right. Wipe any excess cleaner from the squeegee with a towel after each pass.

Step 4

Wipe in tight corners and around the edges with a paper towel. Wipe until the window is completely dry to avoid streaks.

Jenny Harrington

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