The life span of your carpet is greatly affected by the care and cleaning of the materials. Over time, shampooing, steam cleaning and scrubbing carpet can leave the fibers coarse and hard. However, by adding simple household additives to your carpet cleaning routine, you can reinvigorate the fibers and soften the carpet, keeping it fresh, clean and looking great for years to come.

Use a vinegar mixture to keep your carpet soft.

Step 1

Vacuum the carpet. Before steam cleaning or using a carpet shampooer, vacuum the entire area of the carpet to remove loose dirt.

Step 2

Apply a stain treatment to any stains in the carpet. Carpet pretreating materials are found at local home improvement or hardware stores and at most major retailers. Most pretreatments are sprayed on to apply, allowed to dry and then cleaned with the rest of the carpet using a shampooer or steam cleaner. If required, use a scrub brush as part of a pretreatment method for stains.

Step 3

Mix the carpet shampoo in the shampooer or steam cleaner according to the directions from the manufacturer. To the solution, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. The vinegar helps to pull residue from the carpet while softening the fibers. This is an excellent, natural and green solution to soften carpet during cleaning. Clean the entire span of the room with the machine and allow several hours to dry before walking on the carpet.