How to Clean and Shine Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a popular flooring surface for its strength and durability, and it's available in a wide variety of colors and designs. It's ideal for high-traffic areas along with bathrooms, where it can stand up to the constant moisture. But since it does see so much traffic, it's prone to a buildup of dirt and grime and could lose its luster. A simple cleaning solution will get rid of that dirt and restore its shine.

Tile Pattern
credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
It's not that difficult to clean and shine your tile floor.

Step 1

Sweep the floor thoroughly with the broom to remove all loose dirt and debris.

Step 2

Add a capful of rubbing alcohol to 1 gallon of water in the bucket.

Step 3

Submerge the sponge mop into bucket and wring it out so it is just damp. Mop the entire area with moderate pressure.

Step 4

Dump the cleaning solution out when you have mopped the entire floor and fill the bucket with clean water. Go back over the floor with the damp mop to remove any cleaning solution remaining on the floor.

Step 5

Dry the floor with a towel to make sure no water marks remain on the floor.