How to Completely Get Rid of Roaches

Roaches are an unsightly insect that make homeowners squeamish -- and with good reason. Roaches can make people sick from their carcasses and body droppings, according to the EPA website. Getting rid of roaches can be difficult, but is completely possible to do. You should act quickly when you see a roach in your home and start the roach removal process as soon as possible.


Step 1

Remove all open containers of food or any trash that may have built up in your home. Clean your kitchen cabinets, the area under your stove and the area under your fridge. These areas often have leftover food particles under them. Roaches have entered your home because they are hungry; do not give them food to live on.

Step 2

Clean all of your animal toys in case there are particles of food on them. Vacuum all your rugs and sweep and mop your floors. Roaches can find food in unexpected places, so it will not hurt to vacuum out your furniture as well.

Step 3

Remove any standing water that roaches might be feeding from. This can include leaky pipes, dishwashers that collect water instead of draining properly, and any place that water might pool, such as the shower drain or under a leaky toilet. Roaches need water to survive, according to the EPA website.

Step 4

Seal any cracks in windows or walls by using caulk. Roaches will not have anyplace to escape to if you have sealed all exits, and this can also help to prevent the roaches from re-entering your home.

Step 5

Spray the roaches with pest repellent if none of the other methods help to remove the roaches. Open up all the windows to air out your home while spraying the roaches, and keep all animals that live in your home away from the spray. Clean the area that you spray with soapy warm water so that the repellent is removed from the surface. This will prevent any harm occurring from the spray for your animals or children.