How to Clean Pur Water Filters

Pur water filters need to go through a cleaning process before you can install them on your sink or inside the Pur water pitcher or dispenser. The old filter from your Pur water filtration system should be removed and thrown away after a certain period of time, usually about three months. Before you install the new water filter into the filtration system, go through the cleaning process. This will make the filter more effective at removing contaminants from your drinking water.

Pur sells several different types of water filtration systems.

Step 1

Remove the old filter. The old filter on Pur water systems cannot be cleaned and should always be disposed of.

Step 2

Fill a glass of water that's a few inches taller than the new filter.

Step 3

Place the new filter inside the glass of water and make sure it's completely submerged.

Step 4

Allow the filter to soak for a period of about 15 minutes to clean it.

Step 5

Remove the Pur water filter from the glass of water, and run cold water from your faucet directly over the top of the filter for about 10 seconds. Then you can install the filter into the pitcher or faucet.