How to Remove a Wringer Mop Head

Wringer mops are a traditional method of cleaning and disinfecting floors. They are effective on tile or hardwood floors and are environmentally friendly. By removing the mop head, you can throw it in the washing machine to thoroughly clean it, reducing the amount of disposable mop heads used today. However, removing the wringer mop head can be a bit tricky depending on how your mop was manufactured.

mop head
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Step 1

Hold the mop so the fibers dangle toward the floor away from the mop head.

Step 2

Look at the frame holding the mop head. Some frames have a release lever while others have a screw to loosen the mop head. Pull the release lever or unscrew the unit.

Step 3

Turn the mop over so the fibers hang over the mop handle. Separate the fibers so that none are crossing the lower part of the frame. De-tangling these fibers makes removing the mop head easier.

Step 4

Slide the mop fibers out from the frame.