How to Kill Pinworms in Your Carpet

A pinworm is a tiny parasite that lives in the large intestine. It causes infections most commonly in children. PInworms will come out of the body through bowel movements, and can be seen in stool. The most common sign of a pinworm infection is redness around the rectum. After an infestation, is it important to clean any fabrics in the home, including carpets. This will help you prevent the disease from spreading.

Pinworm eggs can easily hide in carpeting.

Step 1

Remove all of the fabrics in the home that you can that may have come in contact with the pinworms, including towels, sheets, bedding, couch covers and anything else. Carry everything that needs to be washed to the washing area so you don't have to carry it over the carpet once it's cleaned. Wash the fabrics on hot with laundry detergent and one cup of white distilled vinegar.

Step 2

Vacuum the carpeting as thoroughly as possible, and then repeat. Be sure to get areas under couches and beds. Pinworms are nocturnal and prefer dark areas. This is where they will lay more eggs. Vacuum the couches and mattresses in the home so the carpets don't get re-infested later.

Step 3

Fill the steam cleaner with 1 cup of white distilled vinegar for every gallon of water. White distilled vinegar is a natural astringent and will work to kill the pinworms in the carpeting. Steam clean the carpets and wait for it to dry. Change the water as needed. Steam clean the mattresses and couches or any upholstery you can.

Step 4

Wait for the carpet to dry. Go back over the carpet with a vacuum to pick up any dead worms or eggs. Vacuum the carpet every day to prevent a re-infestation and to catch any eggs or worms that get brought into the home.