How to Clean the Floor With Lysol

Lysol is the brand name for a line of disinfectant cleaning products. If you have a floor in your home that gets a lot of use, such as in your kitchen or entryway, it might benefit from a cleaning and disinfecting with Lysol products. Bathroom floors are also a common target for disinfecting.

Different types of floors can be cleaned with Lysol products.

Step 1

Read the directions for use on the Lysol cleaning product. Products such as disinfectant sprays and all-purpose cleaners, for example, can be applied directly to the floor. Concentrated cleaners, however, will need to be mixed with water first.

Step 2

Apply the Lysol product to your floor. Use enough Lysol product to wet the floor completely.

Step 3

Allow the cleaning product to stand for about 10 minutes to disinfect your floor. Then scrub any areas with debris or residue with a sponge or cloth.

Step 4

Rinse the area clean with water and dry your floor thoroughly with a towel. If you air dry the floor, avoid walking on it until the water has evaporated.