How to Remove Glue Residue From Wood

Wood's durability, thermal performance and design make it a preferred construction material in homes. Home flooring is commonly composed of hardwood for aesthetic appeal and longevity. Removing sheet flooring, such as laminate or vinyl, from wood floors can leave behind patches of glue residue. Glue residue's sticky texture and grimy appearance detracts from wood's natural appeal. Prompt removal of glue residue is essential to ensure it doesn't continue bonding to wood surfaces. You can remove glue residue from any wood surface using certain techniques.

Basic supplies can help you remove glue residue from wood.

Step 1

Place an absorbent cotton towel over the glue residue.

Step 2

Fill a spray bottle with boiling water. Wear rubber gloves to prevent burning your hands.

Step 3

Spray the boiling water liberally over the towel. Thoroughly dampen the towel without completely soaking it. The towel prevents the water from absorbing too quickly into the wood and warping the surface. Keep the damp towel on the wood surface for 10 minutes.

Step 4

Remove the towel from the wood surface. Using a straight-blade scraper, gently scrape off the softened glue residue. Scrape along the direction of the wood grain to avoid gouging the wood surface.

Step 5

Wipe a soft, clean towel over the wood surface to remove the loosened glue residue and moisture.

Step 6

Examine the wood surface for remaining patches of glue residue. If sticky patches remain, repeat the entire process until the residue is thoroughly removed.