How to Use a Mop Bucket Wringer

Mopping floors isn't necessarily a pleasant task, but it's one that needs to be done to keep the floors looking their best. A mop bucket with a wringer makes the job a little easier, especially when cleaning large surface areas. It's important to use the wringer on the mop bucket properly to ensure the mop doesn't get damaged and the floor gets cleaned with the right amount of liquid.

Use a mop bucket wringer properly to keep the mop in good condition.

Step 1

Dip a string mop into the mop bucket so it's soaked with the cleaning solution.

Step 2

Put the mop head into the wringer so all of the strings are inside.

Step 3

Pull down towards the floor on the handle of the wringer. Hold it down for about three seconds, then put the handle back into its original position. Take the mop head out of the wringer to mop the floor.