How to Clean Melted Rubber Off of Leather Seats

Whether rubber has melted on a leather ottoman or car seat, it can be difficult to get off. The key to removing melted rubber from any surface is to use the appropriate tools. With a bit of care, it's not difficult to remove melted rubber from leather seats and restore them to their original condition.

Try not to get leather wet when removing melted rubber.

Step 1

Harden the melted rubber with an ice cube. Hold the ice cube on the melted rubber for a few seconds at a time. Wipe away excess moisture from the ice cube so it doesn't damage the surface of the leather.

Step 2

Scrape away the melted rubber with a butter knife or spoon. Refreeze the rubber with the ice cube if it softens as you scrape it.

Step 3

Dip an old rag in either dry cleaning solvent or Goo Gone. Carefully apply the cleaner on the rag and dab it on what is left of the melted rubber.

Step 4

Dab up the cleaner and melted rubber with another dry rag. Continue to reapply the Goo Gone or dry cleaning solvent until the rubber is gone.