How to Clean a Wool Area Rug

Wool is a very finicky material to clean. You can't use normal detergent to clean wool fabrics, and you can't put a wool rug in a dryer, because it will shrink. Cleaning a large wool area rug will be even more of a challenge. You will need to wash the area rug by hand and avoid wringing the water out of the rug, as it will loosen its sewn-together threads and distort the area rug's shape.

Use a detergent for delicate fabric to clean wool rugs.

Step 1

Turn on the shower head to lukewarm water.

Step 2

Position the area rug under the shower head. Thoroughly soak the entire rug with water. Turn off the shower head. Set the wet rug in the tub.

Step 3

Squirt four evenly spaced, dime-sized dollops of detergent on top of the wool rug.

Step 4

Massage the detergent into the wool rug with your hands for several minutes.

Step 5

Turn on the shower head and thoroughly rinse the rug for 10 minutes. For the final rinse, hold the rug out of the tub, under the shower head to ensure no sudsy water it still in the rug. Turn off the shower head.

Step 6

Lay the wool rug flat and normal side up on a clean, hard floor, such as linoleum or concrete.

Step 7

Dab the rug with dry towels until little moisture is left in the rug. Lay the rug over two folding chairs off the ground and let it air-dry.

Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien started his professional writing career in 2000 at the "Newman Grove Reporter" newspaper. He was an English tutor while in school and earned an Associate of Arts in English from Northeast Community College. O'Brien indulges his mechanical side by fixing mowers part-time.