How to Clean a Polyester Formal Gown

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Things You'll Need

  • Washer

  • Dryer

  • Clothes washing soap

  • Stain remover


If you find any wrinkles on your polyester formal gown, a steam iron is best for removing wrinkles.


You risk wearing out your gown more quickly if you continue to wash your gown on a harsh cycle or high heat.

People sometimes choose a polyester formal gown because polyester is known to be durable and stain resistant. If you have ever owned a silk or satin gown, you know how tough getting a stain out can be. Polyester is also wrinkle resistant and easy to care for. If you have a formal polyester gown and need to clean it, all you need is a couple of hours and some household cleaners that can be purchased at any supermarket.

Step 1

Inspect your formal polyester gown for stains. Pre-treat any stains with a stain remover. Leave the stain remover sit for at least an hour or as long as the directions on the stain remover recommend.

Step 2

Turn your garment inside out before washing. When you do this, you prevent the chance of any snags occurring during the wash cycle.

Step 3

Fill your washer with warm water and place on the gentle cycle. There is no need to put a formal polyester gown in a harsher cycle. Stains and dirt release easily from this material.

Step 4

Put in a half capful of washing soap and let the washer cycle through till it spins your garment dry.

Step 5

Place your gown in the dryer on a low heat and tumble dry. If you are drying the gown on its own, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. If you are drying the gown with other garments, then it may take more than 30 minutes.

Step 6

Immediately remove your formal polyester gown from the dryer and hang up immediately.


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