What to Use to Kill Bed Bugs

No one wants to discover bed bugs in their home. Bed bugs are spread between hotels by busy travelers by hitching a ride in luggage and can also make it into the home in the same way. Bed bugs also can arrive in your home via mailed boxes, used furniture and even from the next apartment or rowhouse. They are difficult to spot, as they hide in tiny crevices and can multiply out of control before you ever notice them. When they are discovered, you must work immediately to get rid of them.

Mattress or bed chemical cleaning with professionally extraction method.
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Signs of Bed Bugs

You have bed bugs if you begin to notice dark spots and flecks on your mattress. This is blood, bug feces and dead bugs. These spots first show up in the creases and trim of the mattress. You also know you have bed bugs if you get unexplained little red bug bites. Bed bug bites look like look like other bug bites but they may be distinguished by appearing as a series in a straight line.


If you find that you have bed bugs, the first thing you need to do is to clean your home thoroughly. You must wash, vacuum and clean bedding, carpet and baseboards in your rooms. You also need to vacuum mattresses and seal them in special bags to make sure no bugs can survive.


Use insecticides to eradicate bed bugs from your home. Most people use deltamethrin-based pesticide, as it is relatively safe for humans and animals. Do not use it around pet fish. This pesticide, which paralyzes the bugs, is combined with hydroprene, which prevents the bugs from reproducing, and bed bug powders that dehydrate them.

Natural Remedy

You can also try several natural remedies. Dust made from single celled algae called diatomaceous earth can be put down wherever bed bugs are found, according to BedBugsGuide.com. The microscopic granules are made of single celled algae fossils. The granules are jagged and sharp and kill any bed bugs that come into contact with it, while the substance is harmless to humans and animals.

Silica-based desiccant dust is another powder you can use that dehydrates the bugs, according to scientists at Ohio State University. When used in conjunction with pheromone sprays, the powders are more effective as it pulls the bugs out of their hiding places to be exposed to the dust. Purchase the diatomaceous earth granules used for bedbugs and not the type used for pools. Both products go by the same name.

Extreme heat and cold have been known to get rid of bedbugs. The problem is that you would have to expose the furnishings to the heat or cold for several days or longer for it to work. According to Liz Kasemayer of the Baltimore Public Health Department, furniture needs to be frozen for 30 days. To heat bedbugs in furniture, you need to cover it in plastic and leave it outside in extreme heat for several days.