How to Store Silver. Storing silver properly after cleaning is the only way to keep it from turning color too rapidly. Silver reacts to the air which causes the unsightly appearance of tarnish. Once tarnish is removed and the silver is polished, proper storage is a must to keep your silver shining.

Step 1

Store silver in an area free from dust and dirt.

Step 2

Add silica gel to the cabinet or drawer to keep humidity levels low.

Step 3

Place a small dish of activated charcoal in your storage area to absorb air born gases that cause tarnish.

Step 4

Keep silver stored on wood that has been treated with polyurethane or lacquer. This will also keep tarnish down.

Step 5

Limit the amount of exposure to air by storing silver pieces in bags pretreated with anti-tarnish material. You can also wrap silver in plastic kitchen wrap.

Step 6

Put a piece of white chalk in your storage drawer or area to prevent tarnish.

Step 7

Polish silver thoroughly before storage with a polish designed to stop or slow tarnish.