How to Kill Sewer Rats

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Things You'll Need

  • Copper wool

  • Peanut butter

  • Snap trap

  • Protective gloves

  • Newspaper

  • Zip-close plastic bag

  • Outdoor garbage can

  • Antibacterial soap

Sewer rats are not only treated as pests but as a threat to one's health. Since these rats live in one of the dirtiest places on earth, chances are they carry a lot of deadly bacteria and viruses that can harm your family. To prevent risking the health of the people living near this area or for the rats to multiply in number, you need to immediately exterminate them. There is no need for you to call the pest control to kill sewer rats. With the help of some materials, you can devise a way to kill the rats yourself.

Step 1

Check if there are any holes where rodents can go through. This includes all electrical and plumbing doors and entrances. Check behind the gutters or around your plumbing stack and chimney area.

Step 2

Patch up small holes using copper wool, to make it hard for rats to move or chew. Use just a small amount of your copper wool to cover the holes.

Step 3

Remove all shrubs and tree limbs in the area. Make sure that the trees are trimmed back at about 5 feet. Trim overhanging limbs if needed.

Step 4

Place peanut butter as bait on your snap trap and place it in the area where the rats usually nest. The nesting area will usually be littered with rat dirt and will have a few marks of tail or foot marks. Try to fit the trap in corners or nooks and crannies where the sewer rats often pass.

Step 5

Leave it overnight and check the next day to remove the sewer rat from the trap. Wear your protective gloves and roll the dead rat in newspaper. Place it inside a zip-close plastic bag and seal its opening tightly.

Step 6

Throw the plastic bag in your outdoor garbage can, and seal its cover tightly.

Step 7

Wash your hand with antibacterial soap to get rid of possible dirt and bacteria.


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