How to Repair Vertical Blinds in Seconds

Repairing a vertical blind in seconds is possible if you have the right supplies. A fast-drying acrylic glue takes only seconds to dry. Locating and tying a knot requires few tools and takes a few seconds to complete. If you don't have a lot of time and you need to repair your vertical blind, the task is simple and the repair is long-lasting if done properly.

Repair Broken String

Step 1

Search for the break in the string. One end of the string is still connected to the headrail of the blind. The other end of the string is likely on the ground.

Step 2

Feed the string from the floor back into the hole on the bottom of the headrail.

Step 3

Tie a small knot with the two strings and then trim the excess string from the knot with scissors.

Repair Broken Clip

Step 4

Search for the broken piece of the slat clip on the floor. Don't touch the broken part of the clip with your fingers. If you do, wipe the clip clean with rubbing alcohol to remove grease from the plastic.

Step 5

Place a small amount of cyanoacrylate glue on each piece of the clip where it broke. Jet Glue, Super Glue, Hot Stuff Glue and Great Planes Pro Foam CA Glue all contain cyanoacrylate.

Step 6

Press the pieces together and hold them for approximately 60 seconds. Most acrylic glue is fast-drying.

Step 7

Slide the vertical slat back into the slip. The slat has a square hole in one end. This is the end that goes into the clip.