Food Chopper Vs. Food Processor

Both the food chopper and food processor have advantages for the home cook. However, each has distinct features that make it appropriate for specific kinds of cooking tasks. A cook usually considers the desired end product to determine whether to use a chopper or processor.

Food Choppers

Food choppers are small kitchen appliances for cutting up food. Food choppers employ several sharp blades configured to chop with an up and down motion if manually operated or cut with rotating blades if operated electronically. Food choppers are small in size compared to food processors. A chopper's small size makes it useful for routine chopping tasks in the kitchen. The capacity of chopper's ingredient bowl can be as small as 1 to 2 cups.

Food Choppers' Tasks

Food choppers assist the home cook by chopping vegetables and fruits to some degree of fineness for use in salads, desserts or as ingredients in recipes. Choppers might provide some processing options, but usually the devices only feature an ON and OFF button with the chopping degree controlled by the cook himself.

Food Processors

Food processors are heavy-duty kitchen appliances made to do a variety of tasks using several different attachments and interchangeable blades. Food processors have a large capacity clear plastic bowl with a chute through which food can be passed using a food pusher device. The processor bowl has a removable lid that locks and is clear for viewing the process. In 2009, food processors can retail from $179 for an average processor to more than $1,000 for some very high end Cuisinart models.

Processor's Chopping Blade

A food processor can dice, slice or shred fruits, vegetables or meats and make dough for bread or biscuits. Stainless steel blades are perforated with openings. When rotated, the blades cut a variety of methods.

Dough Blades

Food processors can help make bread dough, pie crust and biscuit mix. The processor's large bowl can handle 14 to 20 cups of ingredients and is able to quickly form wet dough into balls or process dry ingredients into pea-sized crumbs.

Cleaning and Storage

All washable parts of a food processor including blades, bowl, lid and food pusher should be thoroughly washed with hot water after every use. The food processor's large size can create more storage problems than a food chopper.