How to Store a Mattress in the Attic

A mattress is an essential bedding item. A good mattress can allow you to get a fine night's sleep without problems. Very often people need to store their mattresses in a specific place. You may be moving or may have to spend time away from home on a business trip or you may just want to store extra bedding for guests. One of the best places to store a mattress is an attic. Attics are often an excellent place to avoid exposing an item to the elements while not incurring additional storage costs.

Step 1

Look at the mattress carefully before you move it to the attic. Fix any rips or tears in the fabric before you put it away. Make sure the all the edges are in good repair. Fixing holes helps reduce the possibility that unwanted pests can get inside the mattress and wear away the interior structure.

Step 2

Lift the mattress gently. Many attics have pull down stairs that can make lugging heavier items upstairs quite difficult. When taking a mattress up the attic stairs, make sure it doesn't touch the stairs at any time. If necessary, have a friend help you lift the mattress up the stairs.

Step 3

Lay the mattress in a cool, dry space away from light and damp conditions. Make sure that any windows do not allow light to fall on the fabric. Light can easily make the material fade in color. Check that there are no water leaks in the area by the mattress. Water can damage mattresses quite easily.

Step 4

Elevate the mattress off the floor. Elevating the mattress can help avoid an accumulation of dust and reduce the possibility of sagging. If possible, place the mattress on top of an existing bed frame. If you don't have a bed frame in the attic, use four wood 2x4s or bricks. Make sure the wood is free from splinters and the bricks are clean.

Step 5

Cover the mattress. To really help protect the mattress from any damage in the attic consider purchasing a mattress cover. Many models are available that fit over the entire mattress. Look for covers that create an airtight seal if possible. Plastic covers work well if you suspect the attic has areas of dampness. Make sure the cover is not too snug and doesn't fit too closely against one area of the mattress. A too snug fit may create gaps and make it difficult to remove the cover from the mattress when you need to use it.