How to Keep Tortilla Chips Fresh

The true appeal of a tortilla chip is the crunch. It can lose this over time. The enemy of tortillas is air. If you leave a bag open, you run the risk of making the chips soggy. Most people don't eat the entire bag at one sitting. Luckily, there are ways of keeping your chips fresh throughout the week.

Step 1

After opening tortilla chip bag, press gently to remove as much air as possible from the bag.

Step 2

Fold the bag top tightly just to meet the top of the chips. If you fold anymore, you may risk crushing the chips.

Step 3

Seal the bag with a plastic bag chip. Repeat the instructions if you open the bag again.

Step 4

Place the bag of chips that has been sealed in a bread keeper. Bread keepers control the humidity and should be an extra defense against making stale chips.

Step 5

Remove all the chips from the bag and place in a gallon bag that zips tight if you don't want to use a bag clip. Make sure you press as much air from the bag before sealing.

T. Connors

Connors, a commercial pilot for the past decade, has traveled all over the world sampling the best from each culture. As a freelance writer for Handmark media, he draws literary inspiration from his years as a top New York city chef and his travels around the world as a pilot.