How to Use Renuzit Air Freshener

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Renuzit makes a line of air fresheners that include attractive gel products in an easy-to-hide plug-in, spray or cone form. They are easy to use, and most last for 15 to 30 days before you have to replace them.

Display-Worthy Air Fresheners

Renuzit's Fresh Accents and Pearl Scents products add an attractive touch to your home's decor. Both require no heat source or electricity; instead, they rely on air movement around the gel to release the scent.

The Fresh Accents line features an outer casing that uses decorative motifs and cutouts to create air movement around the scented gel that slips inside. To use one, peel the foil cover off the refill and slide the gel into the case so it faces toward the decorative venting.

The Pearl Scents line, which has a more classic look than the Fresh Accents, consists of a clear jar filled with scented gel-like beads. To use it, twist the lid off the product; remove the seal and put the lid back on.


The labeling on the Pearl Scents can detract from its clean look, so peel off the stickers and labels before you set them out. If the label’s residue proves stubborn, hold an alcohol wipe or two against the label for a few seconds; then gently scrub the adhesive off the container.

Fragrant Hidden Gems

When you want to make your home smell like clean laundry or freshly baked cookies without a tell-tale air freshener sitting atop a table, use a scented oil plugin or a tabletop cone. The oil plug-ins require an outlet to work, while the cones only need air exposure.


Don’t plug warmers into damaged outlets. Although the oils are safe and not generally a fire hazard, they can catch fire if the outlet is in poor condition.

Renuzit's scented oils work similarly to products offered by other brands: Twist the cap off the scented oil refill and push the wicked end firmly into the warmer base until you hear a click. Plug the warmer in an outlet and enjoy the scent. Although you may be tempted to position it behind a piece of furniture, doing so minimizes the release of scent into the air; instead, try to plug the unit in an outlet that's not in view of an entrance or directly across from seating.


Renuzit warmers don’t have an adjustable dial to let you control the level of fragrance released. Use them away from dining areas and food-prep spaces; in living rooms and bedrooms, position the warmer away from the sofa or bed.

The Renuzit cones are simple to use: Twist the top of the cone upward to expose the gel and place the air freshener anywhere in your home. Tuck the cone behind your toilet, provided you don't have young children or pets, or anywhere that they will be concealed.

Scent on Demand

Sometimes a continuous stream of fragrance can be overwhelming, or you may want to add a burst of fresh scent to coordinate with an air freshener. Renuzit spray products quickly revive the air, upholstery and carpets, and some work well to reduce pet odors or allergens. Spritz the air lightly to eliminate lingering cooking odors, apply a light mist to your sofa for a quick refresh, or lightly spray the carpet.


  • Keep all gel products out of reach of children and pets.
  • Wash your hands carefully after refilling the Accent and scented oil warmer products and opening the cones.


  • Check the Renuzit page regularly for new scents. Classics in the line include Vanilla, Apple and Cinnamon, After the Rain and Hawaiian Sunset. To keep up withconsumer demand, the company regularly adds seasonal scents and new,permanent additions.* Don’t be afraid to mix and match fragrances, but stick to one scent per room.
  • Swap out scents regularly. Your nose can get used to one fragrance.

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