How to Change a Tork Intuition Battery

A Tork Intuition is a hand towel dispenser commonly found in public restrooms. Once a hand is waved in front of the sensor on the machine, a paper towel is dispensed. The dispenser runs using three "D" cell batteries that last approximately 40 rolls of paper towels. If the paper towel roller is not moving despite a hand being waved in front of the sensor, the batteries are likely dead and should be replaced.

Step 1

Unlock and pull the top of the Tork Intuition cover away from the housing unit and then rotate the cover downward.

Step 2

Locate the black cassette on the bottom, toward the back, of the unit. This is the unit that houses the batteries.

Step 3

Push the compartment tab, located on the top of the cassette, inward and then lift the cover upward for removal.

Step 4

Remove the three old batteries. Insert three new D cell batteries. Follow the positive/negative (+/-) marking in the battery bay for directions on which way to insert the batteries.

Step 5

Slide the cover back over the battery bay.

Step 6

Push the "Manual Feed" button. The paper towel roller should move. If the roller does not move, the batteries may not be inserted following the +/- markings or the batteries may be defective.

Step 7

Raise the Tork Intution cover upward until it locks shut.