How to Clean a Mirror

How to Clean a Mirror. Mirrors can be frustrating to clean. Many times after cleaning, the mirror will still have streaks, specks, dirt or a fog of cleaning chemicals left on it. There are several different cleaning strategies that can leave a mirror streak-free and looking sparkling until the next cleaning.

Step 1

Throw out the commercial window cleaner you have under your counter. Most of them are small amounts of vinegar diluted with too much water or harsh chemicals that can leave a fog behind.

Step 2

Combine one cup of white or distilled vinegar with one quart of warm water.

Step 3

Find newspaper to use as your cleaning cloth. Crumple the newspaper into usable sizes. Use newspapers that do not use a soy-based ink.

Step 4

Clean the mirror first to remove any heavy dirt or marks. Use plain water to do the pre-cleaning. Use a cloth with a tight weave, which is more soft and non-abrasive.

Step 5

Dip the newspaper into the vinegar water solution after pre-cleaning is finished. Rub the newspaper in slow circles across the mirror. Cover the entire surface of the mirror.

Step 6

Go over the wet areas with a dry portion of newspaper. This will leave the mirror dry and keep drip marks from drying onto the surface.