How to Stop a Shower Curtain From Blowing in on You

Does your shower curtain attack you while you are showering and cling to your skin? Nobody likes this blow-in phenomenon caused by the water spray vortex. There are several solutions, the easiest of which do not require any tools, additional items or special skills. Tame your wild beast in no time by following these suggestions.

Step 1

Prepare to take a shower. Turn on the water and step into the tub when the water temperature is right.

Step 2

Adjust the shower head slightly so the water hits the shower curtain, holding it in place. There will still be plenty of water directed at you.

Step 3

When you are finished, adjust the shower head back to the original position before you step out of the tub. This will prevent water from shooting out on to the floor when you turn the water on for your next shower.

Wendy Hughes

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