How to Unlock a Makeup Box With a Paperclip

A makeup box is a large container with a lid that contains numerous small shelves and compartments for organizing cosmetics. A makeup box usually has a central lock for securing the goods inside. If for some reason you've lost the key that opens it, don't worry. The lock on a makeup box is so simple that you can easily pick it with something as basic as a paperclip.

A makeup box usually has a lock that is easy to pick.

Step 1

Unwind a paperclip until all you have is a straight piece of wire.

Step 2

Take a set of pliers and bend one end of the paper clip 1/4 inch inward. You've now got a makeshift key.

Step 3

Stick your paperclip "key" in the lock of the makeup box and wiggle it around. Your goal is to find the latch within the lock and press on it sufficiently to unlock it.

Step 4

Continue to slowly move the paperclip around, tapping it against the insides of the lock. Be patient. You'll know you've hit the latch when the lock clicks open.