How to Clean Glue Off of Wood

There are a number of strong glues available for all kinds of different projects and they work amazingly well. The problem is that when you use too much glue or spill some on your wood, you are in for a small battle to remove it. You might be able to remove a little bit of glue with no problems but if you have to remove a lot, you might have to refinish the wood when you are done.


Step 1

Attempt to scrape off the glue. If it is on very thick, you may want to carefully use an X-acto knife to cut off some of the glue. Try freezing the glue by using ice or compressed air.

Step 2

Use vinegar. Apply warm vinegar to a cloth. Apply pressure and then try rubbing it off, use a liberal amount of elbow grease.

Step 3

Try using other chemical removers, such as Goof Off or Goof Off 2. You can also look for adhesive removers in your local home improvement store.

Step 4

Sand off what remains of the glue. You will need to start with a coarse piece of sandpaper if you have thick pieces of clue that won't come off. When you get most of it removed you should switch to a lighter sandpaper to get the last bits of glue off.